Wedding planning

We all dream and imagine what that perfect celebration of love should look like, but the plethora of photos we see on social media, the various posts on the subject and the weddings of friends seem to spin in our minds, creating a source of confusion.
BYconsulting, communicating and at the same time refining all possibilities, we will organize an event that will be perfect just for you - it will become a unique and unforgetable day of your wedding in the rythm of the Italian Bella Vita.

Preparation of documents

I will advise you and provide a list of all the necessary documents. I represent you in presenting documents for Civil and Ecclesiastical Marriage in Italy.


Under Italian law, I will interpret and represent you during the Civil Ceremony.

Ecclesiastical Marriage

After choosing the most wonderful church, you will enjoy the sacrament and blessing of marriage given by a Lithuanian priest on the day of the marriage. I will take care of the services of the priest as well.

Wedding venue

Together we will choose the places of celebration in Italy: villas, restaurants, hotels, places for a photo session. My experience will help you choose the most beautiful venues.


A festive ceremony, a short aperitif or a fun walk around the venue with the best photographer is the main highlight of the wedding.


Together we will create the decor of your event. With the help of professionals, we will put your wedding rings in it, and the bridal bouquet created specially for you will accompany you throughout the day.


Italy is well known for its food traditions. What would you choose for your event? Will it be a catering service, a restaurant proud of the highest Michelin awards, or maybe you will choose an Italian style pizza party by the pool? I will help you to set up a festive menu, choose the most delicious traditional dishes of the region, so the guests will remember your celebration for a long time.

Event planning and coordination

In order for your event to go smoothly, you will need suppliers from the entire flock. Don't worry about anything - my team of suppliers will provide the best service. Restaurant owners, boaters, musicians, car services, boats or guest transportation - all this and much more is my experience as an event organizer over many years of experience. I will coordinate your perfect day.


Your wedding celebration is just the beginning of a wonderful trip to Italy. I provide services for organizing wedding trips. Travel directions, mountains or seasides, itineraries, attractions, professional guides, restaurants, hotels, the tastiest cup of espresso or the best gelato in town.