Is it necessary to speak foreign language?

If you are going to get married in Italy, you do not have to know the language as I will be beside you during all your stay. I will be fair – Italians don’t speak English very well, but they answer your questions with clear and abundant gestures as well as with wide and genuine smile.

ABC of the civil marriage ceremony

The main documents that you will need for the civil marriage ceremony is birth certificates and certificate that there are no obstacles for the marriage, which you can get in the registry office in the town or city where you are registered. These documents must be translated to Italian language and have Ministry for Foreign Affairs’ apostille. It might take a few weeks to get these documents ready. The ceremony itself will be held in Italian, but I will translate it. Please note that sometimes additional nuances might come up. It depends on the requirements of each commune, but you can leave this to me. I have been living in Italy for 23 years, so I know the ways of bureaucracy.

ABC of the religious marriage

The sacrament of marriage is usually given in a presence of a Lithuanian priest. Pre-marriage questionnaire, parish dean’s permit to get married and other documents have to be sent to that Italian diocese to which the church where you are planning to get married belongs to. It is done by your diocesan curia. Please contact your parish concerning the documents. Bear in mind that it might take 4-6 months to prepare them. Furthermore, in some churches in Italy civil code which is valid as civil registration is not read. However, we will discuss all of this with each couple.

In conclusion to this topic about documents which you need for your marriage in Italy, I would like to note that I will answer to all questions depending on the situation (e.g. whether the couple chooses civil or religious marriage ceremony) and redirect them to the easiest way, so this “dark and scary” forest of bureaucracy would become an easy walk for you two. 

Important! Whether it is your first marriage, or you want to renew your vows for the anniversary – we offer a popular SYMBOLIC CEREMONY which doesn’t require any documents.

Bridal dinner

Together we will create your dream wedding feast:

Luxurious feast with live music just for you in one of the best-known yacht clubs in Italy; modest dinner in lavender fields, accompanied by bird chirrup; lounge bar under starry sky; old, traditional winery in a town or modern wine cellars; magnificent terrace hanging above a blue sea or lake.

Festive menu prepared in accordance with your preferences is my special super power. I can assure you that no one has ever left hungry in Italy.

Every feast usually starts with traditional and ritual-like aperitive tasting. No other place in Europe can brag to have such aperitive drinking traditions as Italy. Aperitive in Italy is a process, a way to spend your free time with friends without hurrying up, a way to live in bella vita fashion – to enjoy drinks and tasty snacks that represent traditions of every region.

Organizational wedding’s nuances

I offer all wedding-related services to couples that will get married in Italy – from meeting at the airport to transport to the place you will stay at. I give suggestions for hairdressers, make-up artists, photo and video professionals as well as car hire services. And what festival without music? I would love to take care that the ceremony at the church or the dinner would be accompanied by live music. Or maybe you will want to dance on the side of the pool by DJ’s music?..

It is important to know that I am often visit Lithuania and always get to know couples personally. 

Festive clothes

The couple usually takes care of their clothes themselves, but I offer ironing, cleaning and other services. If you prefer that, I can redirect you to tailors in Lithuania that specialize in wedding clothes. I believe you should pay the 40 euros for extra luggage to transport your gown or costume (of course, it depends on airline company).


The total wedding price depends on time of the year, region, place, guest number and other details. As you may know, not only the temperature, but also the prices are “hottest” in July and August. Therefore, I would recommend you April, May, June, July, September and October.

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