About me

During my 25 years in Italy I got to know country’s culture, Northern Italian traditions, people and, of course, world-wide known Italian food culture.

My old hobby to organize events gradually evolved. I realized that I want to continue my beloved activity and, also, spread a word about this beautiful country for Lithuanian couples that are getting married. As I try to avoid templates and standards myself, I offer a completely new, innovative approach to a wedding ceremony for the young generation.

Italy is a huge country, so every region is full of unique, inimitable nuances.

Every couple is unique as well, so I personally discuss the possible wedding place and other wedding-related questions with each couple. Everything depends on your personalities, your wishes for the wedding day and the way you imagine your ceremony. Maybe you want to get married in the mountains or on a lake coast next to them?

Maybe all of that pales into insignificance compared to stunningly beautiful blue Italian sea? Or to a historically important and in its own way unique winery in a small town in Italy? Everything is possible – the only thing we need to do is to sit down and together discuss the details.

Rich in flavors and scents, inimitable, close to the nature and too good for words, Italian kitchen is full of fresh goodness from land and sea – and it is just a tiny bit of what this amazing land offers. Believe me, your wedding ceremony here will exceed even the greatest dreams.

Italy is a country, where life goes easy, freely and sometimes even a bit chaotic. It is a country, where people like to get together to spend their time side by side, sometimes even without any commitments, plans or activities. Italy is a country, where live goes according to the bella vita (“beautiful life”) fashion...